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Fort Worth Tae Kwon Do Center Student of the Month

Sandy was chosen for the student of the month because she has been helpful in class and helping other students.  She enjoys playing soccer and attends Trimble Tech High School. 
January 2013
Sandy Ronquillo
February 2013
Nate Robertson
Brayan has demonstrated alot of improvement since his first day of class.  His enthusiasm has been contagious to the other children in class.  He is an A-B student in school.
March 2012
Elizabeth Garcia
Catherine is a dedicated AB honor student and has achieved perfect attendance. She is very motivated and has contagious sportmanship.
He has been very dedicated and serious about his training. He has quickly attained his yellow belt and impressed with his quick skills.
Kevin has  returned to Tae Kwon Do with enthuisasm and discipline. He has been helpful in teaching class during the head instructors' absence and has displayed a great attitude. His "can do" dedication has made him the student of the month.

He attends Meadowcreek Elementary and loves to play outside. Alberto is always on time to class and is a very aggressive sparring partner. He is the youngest and sets the example.
April 2012
Alberto Vitolas
May 2012
Joe Rodriguez
June 2012
Kevin Bowles
July 2012
Jonathan Rodriguez
August 2012
September 2012
Daniel Villalpondo
October 2012
Reyes Baltazar
November 2012
Bryan Bowles
December 2012
Jonathan is a timely student and very respectful to others. He has always led by example and never has been a follower. He enjoys skateboarding and goes to Dagget Middle school.
He is very happy and pleasant student. I am very proud to name him the student of the month for his improvements and positive attitide.
  Heidy Ronquillo
Bryan has been a very good student since the start of his studies.  He has one first place in all his tournaments throughout the year.  He is a very intense and talented student.
What can be said for Reyes? He is always on time and very serious about TKD. He did very well at the tournament in October with gold metals to prove it!
Student of the Year
    Brayan Garcia
 Fighter of the Year
     Bryan Bowles
   Form of the Year
 Heidy A. Ronquillo
Heidy is a A and B Honor Roll Student in High School.  She plays soccer for her school and is a very energetic student in class.  She is very competitve in tournaments and always competes very hard.